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Dessert Menu

Tiramisu £8.50 (Homemade)
Best traditional Italian coffee flavoured dessert, made with savoiardi biscuits dipped in espresso coffee & layered  with  a whipped mascarpone amaretto cream & cocoa
Panna Cotta (Homemade) £7.50
Popular creamy white dessert made with sugar, gelatine & vanilla pods,  topped with a fruit coulis
Creme Caramel (Homemade) £7.50
Flan custard dessert infused with vanilla pods, topped with layer of clear caramel sauce
Profiteroles £7.50
Backed choux pastry filled with whipped cream and finished with chocolate sauce
Torta della Nonna £7.50
Short pastry cake filled with patisserie cream with a hint of lemon and pine nuts
Cassata Siciliana Gelato £7.50
A real Italian ice cream with candied fruit, chocolate and vanilla layers served with curls & wafer biscuit
Tartufo Nocciola e Cioccolato £7.50
ball comprising a gooey and indulgent dark chocolate centre covered in decadent hazelnuts and chocolate gelato, coated in a layer of fine chocolate powder
Tartufo al pistacchio £8.50
ball comprising and indulgent creamy pistachio centre, covered in delicious pistachio gelato ang coated with tasty white chocolate shavings
Sorbetto al Limone  £7.50
Delightful and refreshing Lemon sorbet served in lemon shells
Tartufo al Limoncello  £7.50
Gelato with flavour of lemon covered with yellow meringue and filled with limoncello topping
Mix Ice Cram (price per scoop) £3.50
Premium Italian artisanal vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream from Primo Gelato Boutique
Kids ice cream £7.00
HIP HOPPO TOY -Strawberry Gelato
CIP CIOK OLLY OWL TOY – Chocolate Gelato


Single Espresso £3.00
Double Espresso £4.50
Cappuccino £4.50
Black/White Coffee £3.00
Latte/Hot Chocolate £4.50
English/Herbal Tea £3.00
Irish/Liqueur Coffee £11.00
House Liqueurs £5.50
House Whisky/Brandy £7.00
Limoncello/Amaretto £5.50
House Grappa/Sambuca
Port Wine £7.00
Malt Whisky £9.00
Vintage Brandy/Cognac £13.00
Vintage Port £13.00
Vintage Grappa on Request

(all House spirits £6.50; mixers £2.00)


Every Year Ciao Bella takes part in the Lamb Conduit Street Festival in aid of children charities.


Our resident pianist will play for your pleasure all your favourite Italian tunes every evening.


We regularly host corporate and private parties on one or both floors.